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Patient Tracking – Why Is It Worth Investing In?

There are many smart solutions that might improve the efficiency of medical facilities. Using hospital bed trackers might, for instance, reduce the waiting lines. But what if we equipped the patients with similar devices? Would there be any advantages? If you want to find out the answers, read this article! Here, you will get a grasp of patient tracking and how it can help your hospital!

What is patient tracking?

Patient tracking is the act of giving the patients tracking devices. These may collect data on the basic vitals as well as on the location of the patient in the medical facility. They make it possible to track which rooms the patient was in, as well as on which floor of the hospital.

Patient tracking is also useful for creating alerts. With the deficiency of medical staff, it is often difficult to pay enough attention to each person in the hospital. However, patient tracking devices may notify physicians and alter them if some rapid changes are occurring. As a result, the nurses and doctors are able to react quickly.

What are the benefits of using patient tracking?

Patient tracking comes with a plethora of advantages. Some depend on the type of hospital ward, while other are universal. The list of benefits includes:

  • Faster reaction time for the medial staff – If something happens, the staff will be altered, thus they will take action swiftly.
  • Better diagnosis and treatment – Being aware of how often your patient goes to the toilet might be an important factor in some cases. While usually it is done through a nurse or by asking a patient, using a tracking device will provide accurate data which might be later used to properly diagnose or treat a particular illness.
  • Safer hospital environment – Knowing where a patient is means that they themselves are much safer. For example, if someone passes out, the doctors will know exactly where they are. Additionally, this is crucial for those suffering from memory-related diseases, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. These people might wander off the facility, not knowing where they are and where to go, thus being able to set alerts on every attempt to leave the hospital is the best prevention.
  • Better organization – By collecting data on patients’ movement, it is possible to improve the layout of the facility. You can analyze the information from the trackers to spot any areas where too much time is wasted. As a result, it is possible to reduce the waiting times of the patients and enhance their overall experience.

Is patient tracking secure?

Many concerns could be raised about the security of this solution. However, this purely depends on the facilities’ cybersecurity. If the hospital uses a high-quality device managing system, there is nothing to worry. Thus, the patients may feel safe.


Patient tracking is the act of equipping patients with tracking devices that show their exact locations in the medical facility. It comes with many benefits: from improving the hospital’s layout to increasing patients’ safety. It is a secure practice as long as your hospital uses a high-quality smart device managing system.